On the Stage

My performance history is as follows. The following are curated by troupe or organisation then by date, although they remain in approximate chronological order overall. I have tried to present links to further production information, images  and reviews where possible – and I will continue to add these as I come across them.

This is simply a list of productions I have been in. for more information about costuming check out the costume or steampunk pages.

Suitcase Theatre

IMG_20170216_190818I am a founding member of suitcase theatre. I have been a part of our three small productions and look forward to many more.

November 2017 – Wardrobe whirlwind in the Carnival of Costumes – Storyteller + Puck

May 2017 -Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival – rehearsed readings of short stories.

Feb 2017 – A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant & A Prayer – True, My Body

Written by Eve Ensler : Curated by Helen Fearnley, Sofie Welvaert & Ensemble

12742038_1038106146231700_4131665269552012858_n2016 – The Vagina Monolouges –  My revolution, Ensemble

Written by Eve Ensler : Curated by Helen Fearnley



10178153_1110591148966974_4897746665975123718_n2015 – Pay Per View Poetry – Dunedin Fringe Festival – Curator and ensemble

What is Pay Per View Poetry?Poetry at the Library


Binge Culture Collective

Whales – Dunedin Arts Festival 2016 – Whale

img_20170421_130840.jpgSacrilege Productions

Sacrilege was founded in late 2015 by a group of local queer and  alternative performers. Our goal was to establish a culture of drag, fetish and burlesque performance that actively pushes back against some of the harmful norms in these art forms.

April 2017 – The Afterbirth of a Legend – Miss S. Hambles

Review Theatreview

The Globe Theatre Dunedin

20526057_10155127615227600_6012275783401152667_n.jpgAugust 2017 – The Better Half – Marion

Written by Noel Coward : Directed by Paul Ellicott

Theatrefest – One act play festival


Feb 2017 – Much Ado About Nothing – Lady Jane

16806895_1233109103443912_402105709151961041_n“Sofie Welvaert slinks across the stage in a stunning array of sleek costumes and gorgeous shoes; she is snakelike, vicious and utterly fabulous as Jane the Bastard.”

Review Theatreview


15384605_1265316063491326_1790608482511167667_o2016 – Charley’s Aunt – Kitty

Written by Brandon Thomas : Directed by Brian Beresford

Review ODT, Review Theatreview


3312015 – Glitter and Spit – Megan

Written by Robert Lord : Directed by Feather Shaw


Ray and Sal2014 – The Choice – Sal

Written by Claire Luckham : Directed by Helen Fearnley


Oberon and Puck2014 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Puck

Written by William Shakespeare : Directed by Dale Neil

“Sofie Welvaert has created a splendid Puck, feral and exciting in both her wild appearance and eccentric movement. “



2605x340a copyLady Macduff2013 – Macbeth – Banquo, Lady Macduff

Written by William Shakespeare : Directed by Dale Neil

“The multi-talented Welvaert struts the stage as Banquo and, dressed for combat, she succeeds in creating a credible soldier, and friend to Macbeth of palpable integrity.”

“Sofie Welvaert’s imaginative costumes absolutely do live up to expectation: bizarrely glamorous tartan rags against black, splashed with green satin; slightly steampunk, totally cool. “

Reviews: Theatreview, Otago Daily Times


Marissa2012 –  Lovepuke – Marissa

Written by Duncan Sarkies : Directed by Feather Shaw

Reviews: Theatreview, Otago Daily Times



Zephyr & Felicity2012 – Worse things happen at sea – Zephyr

Written by Adam Dodd and Joy Green :  Directed by Nicole Schafer

The BoxFort Collective with CACTNZ

2013 – Scopophobia – Ensemble

An evening of site specific new and experimental performance, dance, music, circus and theatre.



2014 – Caedmons Hymn – Anne

A verbatim play about death and the role it plays in peoples lives.

Curated and Directed by Jess Green



box role dream3 box role dream2 box role dream

2013 – Box/Role/Dream – Tanya

Written by Lynda Chanwai-Earle : Directed by Erica Newlands


UCOL Certificate in Performing Arts


2009 – The Cherry Orchard – Varya

Written by Anton Chekhov : Directed by Penni Bousfield


The After Eden Company

20131220_171951 20131220_171956

2009 – Follow, Follow, Follow – Apple

Written by Angie Farrow : Directed by Amanda McRaven

Massey University Drama Society





2009 – Cabaret – Rosie

Based on the book by  Christopher Isherwood : Directed by Joy Green


2008 – The Vagina Monologues – My Short Skirt

Curated by Eve Ensler :  Directed by Michelle Cenci


2007- Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes – Little Red riding hood, Huntsman, Papa Bear

Written by Roald Dahl and modified by Matt Poucher : Directed by Adam Dodd


2007 –  Mort – Hirita, King, Doorknocker, Keeble, High Priest

Written by Terry Pratchett : Directed by Joy Green


2006 – Lysistrata – Chorus

Written by Aristophanes :  Modified and directed by Stephanie Radley

Manawatu Festival of New Arts

2008 – Icarus – Tim tam

Written by Jan Watts : Directed by Ian Harman


2006 – Stilson – Miss Sarah Gilde

Written and directed by Adam Dodd


2006 –  From Homogenous to Honey – Cast

Written and directed by David Collins

Manawatu Summer Shakespeare

2008 – Romeo and Juliet – Master of the watch

Written by William Shakespeare :  Directed by Ralph Johnson

Mendel school of creative dance

Prior to 2004 I studied creative dance under the talented eye of Virginia Adams off and on between the ages of 5 and 18. There I developed my love of dance and costume. I was involved with various productions including:

  • Why wolves
  • Sumptuosity
  • Solarage
  • Maraminde

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