Purely posts about bugs, their behaviour, biology and ecology. At various levels of expertise – some things I am well versed in, and others only superficially (but have enriched with the awesomeness of the internet, or written only briefly about).

There are no tree Weta in Dunedin – NZ weta

Funk Tallamy? Sounds like a band – behaviour, dance flies

Awesomeness of glowing in the dark – bioluminescence

Bite me – mosquitoes

An inordinate fondness for beetles – biodiversity and beetles

Lofty inspirations – flight

In the eye of the beeholder – bees, eyesight, optical flow

Design by bug – bugs as architects, termites and ants

Spinning ladies – spider thread, silk production etc..

Snow dreams – NZ alpine insects, tussocks, wintering habits

Welcome to the wetlands – a trip to the Catlins NZ, and resulting musings on water quality and insect indicators.

The way you look tonight – looks, camoflage, mimicry, signals.

Social activities – notes on eusociality. It’s development in Hymenoptera and Isoptera, and why its special.

A larval application – fly larvae, aka maggots – both pests and assistants, and a great component of the recycling process.

A taxonomy call to arms – an introduction to taxonomy and why it matters

Off with their heads – the praying mantis and the secrets behind it’s habits ‘in the bedroom’

Something about cicadas – The proud cicada, what, where why?

Seamonkeys – aka brine shrimp, the best pet ever?

Bug sex – an insight to the wild and wonderful sex lives of the creatures around us. Only a brief look at an enormous topic.

The Huhu beetle – some interesting links to do with beetles and the fiesty huhu.

Slugs – What do we have here in NZ, and which ones do we want in our garden?

Snails – garden snails? Apple snails? Native flesh eating snails! The wonderful creatures you might never know were there.

Nasty tasting bugs – it flies about dureing the day and isnt camoflaged, why isnt it eaten? Warning colours in out moths and butterflies.

Amazing ants – what can happen when colonies appear to behave like single organisms, a feature of hymenopterans with ‘caste structures’.

Predators – Meet the Odonata, super fast with amaxing eyesight and lightning reflexes.

When is a colour not a colour? – interesting ways the insect world uses colour.

Spiders fishing in your garden – easy to miss, there are stunning creatures hunting at your local stream – meet the fishing spider.

Grasshoppers – Orthopterans are a really charasmatic group, but easily forgotten. NZ is home to some really special grashoppers, particularly the alpine species.

Dragons of the sky – Summer dragonflies and their mating behavoiours at the Orokonui Ecosanctuary.


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