I try to get out in the wilderness as much as possible. Exploring new things, here in NZ and off across the globe. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some interesting places, and i have plenty of adventures in ‘my own backyard’. When town gets too much I just jump in the car and go find a forest to hang out in.

– Photos (on flickr)

Australian adventure

Cambodia trip

The butterfly house

The Catlins – NZ

Fossils in Otago

– Posts

Tropical explorations – Northern Australia, Kakadu national park

Not better, just different – Northern Australia, Kununurra

The Kingdom of Cambodia – beekeeping in cambodia, wild bees, honeyhunters

Welcome to the wetlands – a trip to the Catlins NZ, and resulting musings on water quality and insect indicators.

Butterfly paradise – an adventure to the museum, only one block away but housing a tropical paradise.

Tarantula delights – eating bugs and particularly tarantulas in Cambodia.

Good morning – Early morning explorations at the Orokonui ecosanctuary

In my mothers garden – it’s easy to forget how many wonderful things can be found just out our back doors, remember to look. this is a short adventure into my mothers garden – an account of the perilous journey and the wonderful creatures i found along the way.


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